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Confirm the following inquiry items for more convenient use of rental services.

I want to rent a mobile phone available in Korea.

You can rent if you visit kt Roaming Centers located at each airport.

- Required documents at rental: ID card (passport) and credit card in your name. (In case of a check, payment is possible, but the deposit must be paid in cash)
- Payment of rates: To be settled when returning equipment.

Roaming center Information
Can I make an advance reservation online?

Yes, prior to booking, payment through online booking > booking menu. You have only to input at the airport information counter at departure/return about online booking and receive the rental equipment at the Roaming Center.

Is rental possible without a passport?

Yes, Koreans can use a resident registration card or a driver’s license, but foreigners must use their passports.
- Kinds of ID cards permitted : A resident registration card or a driver license, an alien card or a passport

What kinds of terminals can I rent?

KT rents mobile phones available abroad with a portable Wi-Fi Router. To check use rates of rental equipment, refer to following page.

What benefits would be given in the case of long-term use?

In the case of rental within 1-10 days, 3,300 won/day will be charged. For 11-20 days, rental is possible at 2,200 won, and for more than 21 days, rental is possible at 1,100 won.
However, for the Wi-Fi Router, the actual rent, including data call charges, will be 8,800 won, including Vat.

What shall I do with the breakdown or loss of the rented equipment?

If the equipment breaks down or is lost, then be sure to contact the Roaming Customer Center right away.

- Domestic : 02-2190-0901 , - Overseas : +82-2-2190-0901 / * Free at KT mobile phone
# for foreign customer : Mon~Fri, 9AM~6PM local time  (Except on holidays)

Be careful that a separate charge can be claimed in the case of damage to a mobile.

Do I have to return at the same place from where I rented?

Return is possible at other Roaming Centers.

Roaming center Information
Is the data usage of the Wi-Fi Router restricted?

No, unlimited data can be used, but for smooth use, less than 3 simultaneous connection is recommended.

How can a group rental or a large quantity rental be made?

For a group rental, such as a corporation or a travel agency, inquire to

What is your payment method?

You can pay through online payment system with VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX etc credit card payment or Unionpay, Alipay, Tenpay, Wechat, Paypal etc.

Is cash accepted for deposit?

No, only credit cards (with more than 3 months of validity) will be accepted for deposit when you rent a mobile phone/WiFi Router/ Prepaid SIM card.

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