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Wi-Fi Router Rental Service

Anytime, anywhere, turn on my own Wi-Fi!

Use Fee

(※ Vat is included)

Use Fee
Rental fee
(Data Rates + Rental fee)
KRW 8,800/dayKRW 4.400/day
※ DIscount Event (~ 2018/12/31)

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Unlimited data
  • - Be aware that there will be a charge for a damaged or lost device.
  • - A credit card in your name is definitely needed to pay a deposit (the expiration date of the credit card shall be more than 3 months away.)
      *debit card is not permitted in paying a deposit.

Equipment for rental

※ Simultaneous connection of fewer than three units is recommended.

Equipment for rental
WiFi Router Model Network Size Weight Battery Use Time Deposit
KWD-H1000WE H1000WE LTE 113 * 63.7 * 10.4
105g 10 hours 200,000 won
IML-450 IML 450 LTE 120 * 68 * 15.4
157g 18 hours
GLM-100 GiGA Genie LTE

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LTE 70 * 70 * 170
470g 18 hours 300,000 won
  • ※ For a rental GiGA Genie LTE, please be sure to include the words “Rental for GiGA Genie LTE” in the MEMO field when booking.
  • ※ GiGA Genie LTE is only available from roaming centers at Incheon Airport, and its availability is subject to inventory conditions at the centers.
  • ※ The AI (artificial intelligence) functions are available in the Korean language only.

Use Method

  1. Step1. Turn Power On

    Turn on Wi-Fi Router power.

  2. Step2. Search for Wi-Fi Network

    Search Wi-Fi network usable smart phone or PC.

  3. Step3. Selection of SSID

    Select searched SSID (SSID is attached to the terminal).

  4. Step4. Input Key

    Correctly key in network code (key value is attached to the terminal.)

  5. Step5. Connection Success!

    Use Wi-Fi indefinitely.
    (Indicator turns red to indicate you are not in a serviced area.)