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Wi-Fi Router Rental Service

Anytime, anywhere, turn on my own Wi-Fi!

Use Fee

(※ Vat is included)

Use Fee
Rental fee
(Data Rates + Rental fee)
KRW 8,800/dayKRW 4.400/day
※ DIscount Event (~ 2018/03/31)

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Unlimited data
  • - Be aware that there will be a charge for a damaged or lost device.
  • - Required Documents : ID cards(passport, residence card, etc.)and credit card in your name (Card must not expire within three months)

Equipment for rental

※ Simultaneous connection of fewer than three units is recommended.

Equipment for rental
Image KWD-H1000WE
Model KWD-H1000WE
Network LTE, WiBro, WiFi
Battery Use Time 10 hours
Deposit 200,000 won

※ Check the components of Wi-Fi Router.

  • Case Case
  • Wi-Fi Router, case, charge cable Wi-Fi Router, case, charge cable
  • Charge cable Charge cable

Use Method

  1. Step1. Turn Power On

    Turn on Wi-Fi Router power.

  2. Step2. Search for Wi-Fi Network

    Search Wi-Fi network usable smart phone or PC.

  3. Step3. Selection of SSID

    Select searched SSID (SSID is attached to the terminal).

  4. Step4. Input Key

    Correctly key in network code (key value is attached to the terminal.)

  5. Step5. Connection Success!

    Use Wi-Fi indefinitely.
    (Indicator turns red to indicate you are not in a serviced area.)