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WiBro Rental Service

Complete data service in Korea with kt WiBro in 82 cities!

olleh WiBro Maximum Speeds

High speed Internet is available even while moving 120Km/hr

Division Upload Download
olleh WiBro 10.08 Mbps 40.82 Mbps
HSDPA 5.4 Mbps 14.4 Mbps

* WiBro is the name of kt’s Wimax service based on the standard norm IEEE 802.16e

Terminals and Rental Fees


GALAXY TAB WiBro SHW-M180K KWF-B2700 Up to 7 Devices are available for WiFi KWD-B2600 Up to 7 Devices are available for WiFi KWI-B2400 Up to 3 Devices are available for WiFi

USB Type:BU1000 (Integration), H300K (WiBro), U2000 (mac only)

Using olleh 4G WiBro

Using EGG

Using USB Modems

olleh WiBro Coverage

  • Eighty- two cities nationwide including Seoul and
    metropolitan areas
  • Every subway station in the National Capital region
    Major expressways(Gyeongbu, Honam, Yeongdong,
    Jungbu, Seohaean, Namhae etc.)
  • Service coverage is limited to Dong units
    (Eup, Myeon and some administrative Dongs are