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Rental Service

Terminals and Rental Fees


KWD-H1000WE KWR-B3100 KWR-B2800 ※ we highly recommend to share it with up to 3 people

Rental Fees

(VAT excluded)
Provided terminal Rental (Day) Data Call Charge (Day) Deposit Provided capacity
WiFi Router(Pocket WiFi) 3,000KRW 5,000KRW 200,000KRW Unlimited

Benefits for long-term rental (VAT not included)

1~10days 3,000KRW/Day (VAT excluded)
11~20days 2,000KRW/Day (VAT excluded)
over 21days 1,000KRW/Day (VAT excluded)

Using olleh 4G WiBro

Using WiFi Router

WiFi Router Coverage

  • Eighty- two cities nationwide including Seoul and
    metropolitan areas
  • Every subway station in the National Capital region
    Major expressways(Gyeongbu, Honam, Yeongdong,
    Jungbu, Seohaean, Namhae etc.)
  • Service coverage is limited to Dong units
    (Eup, Myeon and some administrative Dongs are