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Rental Service

Terminals and Rental Fees


KWD-H1000WE KWR-B3100 KWR-B2800 ※ we highly recommend to share it with up to 3 people

Rental Fees

(VAT excluded)
Provided terminal Rent Fee(Day) Data Call Charge(Day) Total Fee(Day) Deposit Provided capacity
WiFi Router 3,000KRW(Day) 5,000KRW 8,000KRW 200,000KRW Unlimited
Reservation Price 0KRW 5,000KRW

Benefits for long-term rental (VAT not included)

1~10days 3,000KRW/Day (VAT excluded)
11~20days 2,000KRW/Day (VAT excluded)
over 21days 1,000KRW/Day (VAT excluded)

Using olleh 4G WiBro

Using WiFi Router

WiFi Router Coverage

  • Eighty- two cities nationwide including Seoul and
    metropolitan areas
  • Every subway station in the National Capital region
    Major expressways(Gyeongbu, Honam, Yeongdong,
    Jungbu, Seohaean, Namhae etc.)
  • Service coverage is limited to Dong units
    (Eup, Myeon and some administrative Dongs are