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SIM Rental

Using KT SIM card, you can use your cell phone in Korea.

What is Prepaid SIM Card?

The SIM Card is a chip that has information of provider and cell phone number.
If you use KT SIM Card, you will have a Korean number using at a reasonable calling fee.

SIM Card Type

(VAT excluded)

SIM units 60,000won (Deposit :10,000won)

SIM units 30,000won (Deposit :10,000won)


Normal Charges

(VAT excluded)
Contents Call (second) Text Message
Voice Video SMS LMS MMS
Domestic 4.4won/second 5.5won/second 20won/text 30won/text 200won/text
International international rates 100won/text 135won/text Unavailable

* Receiving calls and text messages are free of charge.

* Other voice and data services cannot be applied.

Data Charge

(VAT excluded)
Contents Data Charge
Smart Phone Direct connecting to internet 0.25won/0.5KB
Normal Phone - 0.25won/0.5KB

How to Rent a SIM Card

International Calling Rate

Search Find
Country Country
(/Per-minute rates)
English Korean
Afghanistan 아프가니스탄 93 822
Alaska 알레스카 1 138
Albania 알바니아 355 762
Algeria 알제리아 213 870
Andorra 안도라 376 870
Angola 앙골라 244 870
Anguilla 안귈라 1264 816
Antarctica 안타티카 672 648
Antigua and Barbuda 안티구아 1268 816
Argentina 아르헨티나 54 792

* VAT excluded